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Conspiracy Against Nawaz Sharif

Panama Papers  issue is a part of  International Conspiracy against him. The International powers were annoyed by him due to his firm belief in the progress of Pakistan. He made such patriotic decisions which were not only in favour of Pakistan but also in favor of Muslims all over the world. He was removed by Musharaf due to Atomic Explosions made by Pakistan . Musharaf removed him with a lame excuse. This time it was Pakistan China friendship and CPEC which became a thorn in the flesh for the West and they conspired against him. The responsible agencies for his removal are international and they used the Pakistani journalists first of all. Then they selected PTI for this purpose which enhanced their interests.  The first and foremost cause of his downfall is that he took  firm stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. So MOSAD turned against him. He raised Kashmir issue on the international platforms and made RAW  his enemy. There is 99.99 % involvement of RAW in Panama Drama.   He  was  against Obamas Gulf policy since its beginning. He did not want to put Shias and Sunnis against eachother in Gulf which is a major mission before the West and America. He refused to participate in Yemen Saudi dispute and in the same way he disagreed with USA and KSA over Qatar issue.The world knows that  CIA  dislodges  USA’s opponents in this way. From economic point of view his policies benefited Pakistan a lot. He focused on the power generation and almost reached his destination of Load-shedding frre Pakistan. The power supply put Pakistan on the way to progress and it was not bearable for his opponents and even the big states. He introduced Interest free economy in Pakistan and it is against International Monitory system.  International banking system which is controlled by World Bank and IMF  considered him against their exploitative policies and tried to  get rid of him. 5. On the domestic front He reformed Tax system in Pakistan. Now every Pakistani is paying Tax and money laundering has reached literally to ZERO. Meaning a big chunk of money has been snatched from international market and is being invested in Pakistan. This was completely and  totally unacceptable for the world tycoons . This was not allowed and he was made to leave his chair. He ordered his children to bring their money in Pakistan and it became a cause of his dethronement by International Banks  who could not bear loss of trillion of Dollars. He was trying utmost to end  corruption in Pakistan. No super power would like a corruption free atomic power. A corruption free state runs independently. He was a big barrier. He should be removed. -If we come to foreign remittances and overseas Pakistanis  his reforms and better environment Pakistanis started returning to Pakistan. They were not only returning but bringing foreign exchange to invest in Pakistan. This, not only hurt developing countries that they are getting deprived of their skilled manpower but their wealth was being drained. They could not allow this to Nawaz Sharif. Above all he stood firm in his decisions . As a result of all these reforms and Nawaz Sharif firm stand, Pakistan  emerged as a big power. He was an emerging world leader, who was leading Ummah from the front. Islamic countries  unanimously accepted him as their leader and this was a big threat to hegemony of super powers. This was intolerable. He was to be removed, no matter what big drama had to be played. He  made super power angry and as a result they conspired  against him. The conspiracy against him succeeded and those who are against the progress of Pakistan and digest funds from the foreign agencies stood as cat's paw. The allegations were of corruption and his removal is result of 'aqama' which most of the political leaders and business man possess for visiting and even shopping in Gulf states . Everybody sensible is wondering over the removal of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. US showed its power that they can rise a person like Malala who was nothing but worked for their interests and can remove a person sincere to his nation and people but against the vested interests. 


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