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Afghan,India,Pakistan and American Policies

The situation in this part of world is changing rapidly. Friends are becoming foe and enemies are shaking hands. There were days when US wanted Pakistan as its ally. The Afghans were the bitter enemies of America and she wanted to attack Taliban and Mulla Omer along with Pakistan. Pervaiz Musharraf committed a historical mistake and gave logistic support to America. The so called logistic support ruined the geography of the region. The presence of US and NATO in Afghanistan paved the way for India to enhance its covert influence . The spy Network was broken by Pakistan army. Kalbhushan Yadev is still waiting for his ill fate.India could do so because  there are many  Indian Consulates along the Pak-Afghan border especially in the Balochistan area. The secret  war and sabotage activities of India increased . India created and supported fake Taliban in Pakistan in the name of many Taliban groups.
They fed them ,funded them and then raised a gue and cry all over the world that Pakistani Taliban are terrorists.
Zarb -e- Azb broke the neck of the foreign added terrorists which were defaming Pakistan.
That made India shriek. Its policies started failing. Pakistan army got manifold success.
Here came the time when policies started changing. America started to think align with India not only in political purposes but also for economic purposes. Afganistan is a hard nut to crack for every invader. Soviet union was broken  here. Whoever invades Afghanistan fails and shatters in the end. India is not invading directly but supporting the invaders. It will get its fruit when the cohorts of the West like Ashraf Ghani and company will depart. India will not be able to show its ugly face in Afghanistan after a brief period. When US and NATO forces leave Afghanistan,India  will have to leave Afghanistan bag and baggage.
Us is not believing in Pakistan about her struggle against terrorism. USA is working in Afghanistan and cannot control Afghan terrorists and pressurizing Pakistan to do more.
The policy shifts in the region as far as US is concerned would be counter productive for all who are present in Afghanistan to widen their influence and trying to subdue Pakistan.
The days are not far when USA will clearly align with India ,forgetting all the services of Pakistan. On the other hand India will get nothing as Pakistan has got nothing in 70 years alliance with USA and the West.


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