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Conspiracy Against Nawaz Sharif

Panama Papers  issue is a part of  International Conspiracy against him. The International powers were annoyed by him due to his firm belief in the progress of Pakistan. He made such patriotic decisions which were not only in favour of Pakistan but also in favor of Muslims all over the world. He was removed by Musharaf due to Atomic Explosions made by Pakistan . Musharaf removed him with a lame excuse. This time it was Pakistan China friendship and CPEC which became a thorn in the flesh for the West and they conspired against him. The responsible agencies for his removal are international and they used the Pakistani journalists first of all. Then they selected PTI for this purpose which enhanced their interests.  The first and foremost cause of his downfall is that he took  firm stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. So MOSAD turned against him. He raised Kashmir issue on the international platforms and made RAW  his enemy. There is 99.99 % involvement of RAW in Panama Dr…

Afghan,India,Pakistan and American Policies

The situation in this part of world is changing rapidly. Friends are becoming foe and enemies are shaking hands. There were days when US wanted Pakistan as its ally. The Afghans were the bitter enemies of America and she wanted to attack Taliban and Mulla Omer along with Pakistan. Pervaiz Musharraf committed a historical mistake and gave logistic support to America. The so called logistic support ruined the geography of the region. The presence of US and NATO in Afghanistan paved the way for India to enhance its covert influence . The spy Network was broken by Pakistan army. Kalbhushan Yadev is still waiting for his ill fate.India could do so because  there are many  Indian Consulates along the Pak-Afghan border especially in the Balochistan area. The secret  war and sabotage activities of India increased . India created and supported fake Taliban in Pakistan in the name of many Taliban groups.
They fed them ,funded them and then raised a gue and cry all over the world that Pakistani…

Here's why China's One Belt, One Road is Going to Succeed

Here's why China's One Belt, One Road is Going to SucceedOne Belt, One Road (OBOR) ,China’s ambitious initiative unveiled in 2013 is very near to its success. It consists of two plans combined to form a larger framework of new trade routes. The first of these is One Belt (the orange line in the above map). It refers to the development of new infrastructure—particularly railroads and highways—to connect China’s interior provinces with world by way of Pakistan ,Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. It’s a tall order, and expectations are taller that China would be able to build them. The bigger issue with One Belt was geopolitical. Eurasia is in a state of crisis and this One Belt One Road will not only boost Eurasia's economy but will also benefit other regions. Central Asia in particular is one of the world’s most politically unstable places. The region is a patchwork of states whose borders were drawn to make the countries more easily controlled from M…