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Cause of Rift between Qatar and Gulf States

تجزیہ وتحلیل : ڈاکٹر سید شفقت شیرازی  
Translated and Edited by Akram Saqib
It is an eye opener for those who claims to be near and dear ones of the West.
Qatar which was the nearest American ally and a source of American policy propagation in the Middle East with its resources and media (Al Jazeera) is target of the anger and revenge of the USA. Those who are backing USA this time in the Middle East should learn a lesson from this action. But alas the Kings have sanity too! Every king wants to maintain his kingship and everybody knows there is no kinship in kingship.
What is the cause of the rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and other countries is a million dollars question .The world is being told that Qatar supports terrorists and has back door relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iran. Let us try to find the real cause of the conflict by analysining the different accusations of the Arabs and USA.

1.      Does Qatar help the Muslim Brotherhood?
It is not the cause of the present crises because everybody knows that Qatar has age old relations with Brotherhood (IKHWAN). It has been Brotherhoods’s supporter before the very eyes of the Arabs and USA. When it was staunch helper it was not blamed ,now when it has not such cordial relations with the organization it is being blamed.
2.      Relations with Iran
The other reason which is made a lame excuse is the relations of Qatar with Iran. It is a white lie. There is a trade of worth 6 billion dollars between UAE and Iran. Kuwait welcomes the Iranian president. If relations with Iran are the cause of this crisis then they should also cut off relations with Oman.  Oman has strategic relations with Iran. It is also a part of propaganda and that is also mean one. The real cause is hidden in something other.
3.      Is the statement of Qatar’s Amir is a reason?
No, such statements are the part of the routine. Every king or Amir says something which is not liked by others. It can be called a bad excuse of the wolf to eat the fat and healthy lamb.
What is then real cause?
 The real cause behind this severe and tough situation is the fact that the State of Qatar did not agree to offer the amount which was asked by Donald Trump.
America is the country which is sunk in foreign debts. She wants to get some relief by extorting money from the Arab states. Qatar paid the equal bills during the Libyan crises, and then it was in the forefront in Syrian war. Now Qatar, which is a small state, is  not in this position to pay equal bill for  so called war against ISIS and terrorism.
The conflict arose when Trump visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He signed arm deal of 500 billion dollars with Saudi Arabia. It would not be wrong to mention that US always says that she is against proliferation of arms! President Trump has asked for one and half trillion dollars before his visit to the Middle East. He is not only president but also the savior of Christians and Jews. He considers it his right to get ransom from the Gulf States.

Trump and his colleagues have an eye on the wealth of the Gulf States. It was clear from his tweet in which he boasted of getting thousands of billion dollars from the Middle East.
According to US and Trump it is the responsibility of the Saudi Arabia UAE and Qatar to pay 1500 billion dollars because there are American military basis and millions of marines present in these countries. It is bound upon these states to pay for their security and continuations of their rule over their states. Qatar denied paying the money because it has not or does not want to pay. Saudi Arabia UAE and USA got angry over it and decided to avenge upon this tiny state.
The crises would end upon the ransom agreement in any form. The money could be paid in instalments too. The present visit of Pakistani high ups is also in this connection to make the Saudis to come to the terms with Qatar.


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