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Cause of Rift between Qatar and Gulf States

تجزیہ وتحلیل : ڈاکٹر سید شفقت شیرازی Translated and Edited by Akram Saqib It is an eye opener for those who claims to be near and dear ones of the West. Qatar which was the nearest American ally and a source of American policy propagation in the Middle East with its resources and media (Al Jazeera) is target of the anger and revenge of the USA. Those who are backing USA this time in the Middle East should learn a lesson from this action. But alas the Kings have sanity too! Every king wants to maintain his kingship and everybody knows there is no kinship in kingship. What is the cause of the rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and other countries is a million dollars question .The world is being told that Qatar supports terrorists and has back door relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iran. Let us try to find the real cause of the conflict by analysining the different accusations of the Arabs and USA.
1.Does Qatar help the Muslim Brotherhood? It is not the cause of the present c…

The Idea of Muslim World by Cemil Aydin

Cemil Aydin has begun a new discussion about the limitations of the Muslim nation. According to him the Muslims are not one global nation but the concept of Muslim Nation is constructed. He seems eccentric and obsessed by this universal thought. The one nation theory of the Muslims is not man made but a revealed one. The universal religion is designed by the Almighty Allah for all the ages to come. Its norms and values are global in nature. Its teachings are same every where. It was the conspiracy of the west that the Muslims were divided into geographical boundaries. 
The Muslim were the rulers of the world and there was a sermon of the one and the same king all over the world. The writer is in fact serving his patrons. There is nothing that can be called knowledge. It is all a prostituted idea on the part of Cemil Aydin. 

His arguments are quite wrong and consist of western conspiracy of Shia Sunni divide. He is a mouth piece of the West and is not authentic.  Here are a few words fr…