Silk Road Summit China

China is holding silk road summit to discuss its pros and cons with the people. it is an orientation like summit which will reveal the coming projects and interests of china and Pakistan. CPEC is China Pakistan economic corridor which is being blocked by the vested interests in all forms. Some times there are threats from Iran and at other time Afghanistan plods the military of Pakistan. in the world press or international media the projects are being presented pessimistically. each and every so called journalist and writer is discovering new and novel arguments to thwart  the efforts of these two friendly states which are trying to write a new chapter of history for the region. if seen from the economic point of view it is surely a game changer. world trade would be directed towards this project. This projects links the entire world. There would be trade facilities for the whole world. Not only china and Pakistan will benefit from this Silk Road,but also the entire region. Russian Federation is also happy over the project.
If there are some reservations that are from the West ,Iran and India. Indians are feeling pain in the neck due to this mega project. They are spreading disinformation about the failure of the project by paying the journalists and high officials of the major countries. west is on pins due to its monopoly over the region will end. Chinese block will emerge that would compete with the western exploitation. Take a look at the infrastructure of Pakistan. since 1947 America is showing that she is friend of Pakistan and is showering dollars over it. But go to Pakistan and search any one mega project which was initiated by America?
all the American aid was for her own benefit. It was not aid but debt which crumbled Pakistan economy. if Pakistan has not accepted the US aid it would have been safe from the economic AIDS .


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