Method in Madness about Trump

The American President Donald Trump is being discussed everywhere since the inception of Oval office. He is being presented as the person who is rouge to the backbone and has bad connection all over the world. Sometimes he is blamed as the allies of the past worst enemy of America -the Russians. Then ZEMBLA published videos about his links with the underworld tycoons of diamonds. Then once again he is related to the tax evaders and money launderers. What is this phenomenon? Is there deeper conspiracy in it? Is there method in the madness? Why all these news after his presidency? Is US law enforcement so week that it cannot know the whereabouts of a person who is a candidate of Presidential elections?
Yes ,there is method in madness. Before the foreign tour of Trump,he is presented as the enemy of America itself. He is visiting Saudi Arabia for signing and selling arms of billions of dollars. The method came in Handy and the Saudi authorities announced that America and Trump are not against the Muslims. That was the major policy option of this hype against Trump. When he returns the media will be made to keep mum. There would be everything OK at home.


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