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Blame Game will not work,who is terrorist in real terms

Christians say that Islam is a terrorist religion and the Muslims are the terrorists. It is a myth created by them. The facts are quite opposite to this intentional defaming effort of the Christians. It is not a matter to be emotional or passionate about any religion or nation. Just be disinterested and read the following comparison. You will be surely come to the conclusion that I am arguing rightly.  First of all i would present a graph and then the facts and figures about the death toll of the Muslims in the hands of Christians and Jews. I would include the Hindus also who are playing havoc with the fate of Kashmiri Muslims. The interesting thing in this article is that all the statistics come from the western sources. I have quoted the source also. Let us decide who terrorists are and who are real terrorists? Who is to blame for the unrest in the world? Who is actor and who is reactor? Who wants to impose its will over the world? Either the Muslims are to blame or the clever and crook Christians and Jews? Who wants to rule over the world?
I would only hints at the causes of the invasions by the Christians. Let us start our survey to find the real cause  of terrorism and the unrest in the world.

Here is a graph cut and pasted by me from a western newspaper site.

There are 108294 deaths reported in the graph. Lo and Behold! Only 3467 are Christians, 3047 Americans and 420 western Europeans. 6999 Indians also include more than half Muslims.  Who is a terrorist and who is a victim of terrorism? The graph clearly gives evidence that the poor Muslims are the victims and the non Muslims are the perpetrators of terrorism.
Still Muslims are being killed in the name of terrorism.
Here is the causalities report of different wars in which millions of Muslims were slaughtered and still they are considered terrorists.
Iraqi deaths
‘’Half-Million Iraqis Died in the War, New Study Says
Household survey records deaths from all war-related causes, 2003 to 2011. By Dan Vergano, National Geographic’’
Over 91,000 Afghans, including civilians, soldiers and militants, are recorded to have been killed since 2001-14) and in the after years till today same number has been killed too.
During the war in Afghanistan (2001–14), over 26,000 civilian deaths due to war-related violence have been documented; 29,900 civilians have been wounded. Over 91,000 Afghans, including civilians, soldiers and militants, are recorded to have been killed in the conflict, and the number who have died through indirect causes related to the war may include an additional 360,000 people.These numbers do not include those who have died in Pakistan.
As of October 18th, 2016, there have been 2,386 U.S. military deaths in the War in Afghanistan.
Estimates of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, per opposition activist groups, vary between 321,358 and 470,000. On 23 April 2016, the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria put out an estimate of 400,000 that had died in the war.

Yemen civil war: 10,000 civilians killed and 40,000 injured in conflict, UN reveals.
Jamie McGoldrick of Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs laments ‘huge cost’ of war in Middle East's poorest nation

World is a place worth living but ambition to rule the world is destroying it.  The U.N.O. and all other human rights organizations are requested to clarify the situation and create a balance in reporting about the Muslims. Blame game will not enable us the lovers of the humanity and human rights to make this world a safer place and peaceful place for our coming generations.


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