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Blame Game will not work,who is terrorist in real terms

Christians say that Islam is a terrorist religion and the Muslims are the terrorists. It is a myth created by them. The facts are quite opposite to this intentional defaming effort of the Christians. It is not a matter to be emotional or passionate about any religion or nation. Just be disinterested and read the following comparison. You will be surely come to the conclusion that I am arguing rightly.  First of all i would present a graph and then the facts and figures about the death toll of the Muslims in the hands of Christians and Jews. I would include the Hindus also who are playing havoc with the fate of Kashmiri Muslims. The interesting thing in this article is that all the statistics come from the western sources. I have quoted the source also. Let us decide who terrorists are and who are real terrorists? Who is to blame for the unrest in the world? Who is actor and who is reactor? Who wants to impose its will over the world? Either the Muslims are to blame or the clever and c…

Method in Madness about Trump

The American President Donald Trump is being discussed everywhere since the inception of Oval office. He is being presented as the person who is rouge to the backbone and has bad connection all over the world. Sometimes he is blamed as the allies of the past worst enemy of America -the Russians. Then ZEMBLA published videos about his links with the underworld tycoons of diamonds. Then once again he is related to the tax evaders and money launderers. What is this phenomenon? Is there deeper conspiracy in it? Is there method in the madness? Why all these news after his presidency? Is US law enforcement so week that it cannot know the whereabouts of a person who is a candidate of Presidential elections?
Yes ,there is method in madness. Before the foreign tour of Trump,he is presented as the enemy of America itself. He is visiting Saudi Arabia for signing and selling arms of billions of dollars. The method came in Handy and the Saudi authorities announced that America and Trump are not a…

ZEMBLA - The dubious friends of Donald trump: King of Diamonds


ZEMBLA - The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians


Silk Road Summit China

China is holding silk road summit to discuss its pros and cons with the people. it is an orientation like summit which will reveal the coming projects and interests of china and Pakistan. CPEC is China Pakistan economic corridor which is being blocked by the vested interests in all forms. Some times there are threats from Iran and at other time Afghanistan plods the military of Pakistan. in the world press or international media the projects are being presented pessimistically. each and every so called journalist and writer is discovering new and novel arguments to thwart  the efforts of these two friendly states which are trying to write a new chapter of history for the region. if seen from the economic point of view it is surely a game changer. world trade would be directed towards this project. This projects links the entire world. There would be trade facilities for the whole world. Not only china and Pakistan will benefit from this Silk Road,but also the entire region. Russian F…

Press misuses freedom

Read this eye opener article to know about the real face of the press since centuries.

What is this press if full of lies, it is poor press.

Press is not disinterested it is a mouthpiece of rich and resourceful. It is not playing its role for the betterment of humanity. It Is also not strengthening democracy or institutions. On the contrary it has become a source of arraying different departments against each other. If you are alive to the situation and have a slight interest with history you will come to understand the negative role of media and press. It is not a fourth pillar now but is becoming fifth column. Take a look at the role of media and press in the last   two or three decades. In the cold war era and then during the war against Soviet Union in Afghanistan it was media that made the opinion against Soviets.  Begin the survey from Iraq war. It was press and western press that instigated the US government to wage a war against Iraq. The American press formulated public and political opinion against Saddam Hussain as it was a political entity. The US led coalition catapulted the lads of Iraq. Afterwards the true r…

Social Media Misguiding Machine

Social Media Misguiding Machine Social media has become a handy tool in the hands of everybody but politicians and some organisations use it as their mouthpiece. There are many media groups of political organisations that wage a war with the opponents on these websites. As we are growing modern ,new gadgets are being invented to compete with the opponent. There were rumor spreaders in the past which were assigned the duty to formulate public opinion about a specific policy of the government. The kings were replaced through such efforts. Then were invented radio and televisions after newspapers. They were also used and are still being used as the propaganda tools. Now the situation has changed . The different news channels are working for different interests and political parties. The channels are almost for sale. You can give them money and they would speak and write for you. There is not any news channel in the world which is reporting truth. There are some restrictions on each and …