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Muslim Leaders

Muslim Leaders since long an unseen complex is found in the politicians of the West. They do not like the third world countries to come forward and lead the world. They want their hegemony only.

On the fall of Qaddafi the west  achieved the goal of deafening the Muslims of the world. The dance of the western soldiers on the corpse of the Kaddafi's followers is reminiscent of the very old philosophy of the west: the philosophy to annihilate the Muslim universality.

The pan Islamic ideas are and were a sharp and long thorn in the flesh of the west. I remember the days when the Muslim leaders met at Lahore Pakistan in the Muslim summit conference of 1974. It was the harbinger of the new morning for the Muslim world. It was the treaty of confidence between the Muslims of whole the world that they are united. The very unity of the Muslims runs into the minds of the west. The west was shocked over the get together of all the Islamic leaders. The treaties and memorandums of understandin…

Kashmir is for the Muslims 2

Why Muslims have to Marry Hindu Girls in India?Matter of Survival!

Although everybody is free to choose his life partner yet there are some places on the face of the earth where it becomes indispensible for a person to select a specific type of cultre to survive in that society. That place is India. Due to Hindu extremism ,the Muslims have to select the Hindu girls to survive in that prejudiced society. By this the Indian sycophants claims secularism. In fact it is a worst kind of  Social fascism. Take a look at the marriages of the persons who came on the fore front of politics,games or entertainment. Many have to yield to Hindu pressure. They are constricted to marry Hindu girls so that their Muslim identity might be tarnished. Because so called Muslims are also westernised,they do not consider the consequences. They adopt the path to save their careers and to save their lucrative professions. Here is a list of famous persons of India who married Hindu girls.The list include Actor,Politicians ,musicians etc. This list is five years old. Many more …