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The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

A mere moonshine The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is the living example of duplicity and double dealing of this so called civilized world. Palestinian issue is one of the oldest issues on the agenda of UN. The observance of the day is jeering at the faces of the beleaguered Palestinians. It is not sympathy with them but a farce. it is like adding salt to the injuries of the Palestinians. They are made to remember their near and dear ones who were brutally killed by the world, by the world, in the sense that it kept mum over the atrocities committed by the Israelis with connivance of the West and especially America. The same insane world observes the solidarity day with the besieged Palestinians. The Palestinian children who have grown old in the last 70 years have seen only displacement of their families and have lived a nomadic life. They had their houses from which they were ousted by force. They were made to leave their hearth and home for the strategi…

ISIS AlQaida and Muslim Connection

Terrorism a heinous crime ISIS or 'DAISH' has become the notorious world after so many other terms as Taliban ,al Qaida, Osama ,Mulla Omer, Zarqawi, Al Zwahiri etc. All these terms are coined for disseminating the message of terror to the world. ISIS is the latest entry. The President of USA demanded the Muslims of the World about this phenomena. He asked ,why there is always Muslim connection with terrorism ? He has inquired from the Muslim Leaders to answer this question. The Muslim rulers not leaders are already playing second fiddle to him and the west.
All over the globe and all around the Muslim world there is nobody who supports violence and terrorism including the Muslim rulers. Islam is religion of peace and Muslims are the peaceful people. They condemn terrorism in all its forms. There are question marks on the statements of the West. The cause of terrorism is one and only one. That is injustice or exploitation. World has always been showing dichotomy as far as Musli…

World With Donald Trump

American Elections resulted in Donald Trump's victory and led him to the White House. Though there are many controversies after the election results, yet it would not hamper Donald to take his seat in the office. His victory was a method in madness. His inauguration as the President of America will change the world scenario. There are two main theories related to his Presidency as put forward by me.  1-World would see a conflagration which would be a world war.  2. America will again resume its seclusion policy to stabilize it shattering economy. 1- The Third World War It is not mere estimated thought but situation on the ground leads us towards the third world war.The America is going to be secluded by the West, I mean EuropeanUnion. It will not be feasible for America. More over Chinese influence in the world affairs has increased manifold. In order to contain China America will do every aggressive act wherever China in involved. It will try its best to oust China from the world aff…