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Are Pakistani Media working for Panama Leaks or West?

I am of the view that Pakistani media is negative in every sense. There is no code of ethics followed by them. They show vulgarity and corruption which may become a source of misleading the youth in the name of truth. The criminal cases which involve sex liquor and violence are reacted to teach the youth how to become corrupt. The media is devoid of national sense and spirit. Each and every politician is showed as corrupt. Every minister is pictured as the most dishonest person of the world. The time has come to clean the media with strict military action. There should be secret investigation of all the leading media persons and they should be punished for their blackmailing.The panama leaks was an issue but not greater than the Indian RAW's involvement in Pakistan. The media forget the most important issue and ran towards the blackmailing in the name of panama leaks. who will clean the Pakistani channels from corruption,the worst blackmailers on the surface of earth? It is the …

Politics of War against Terrorism

When the article 'clash of civilizations was published some intellectual understood the hidden meanings and read between the lines that there is a method in this madness. The enemy was dying,the USSR was breaking down and the need of an enemy was an urgent demand. The think tanks dived deep into the historical channels and brought out the clash of civilization. It was in fact clash of Muslims and other religions and even fight between Muslims and Muslims on sectarian basis.After the very fall of Soviet Union the cannons were directed towards the Muslims. Iraq was instigated by the West to usurp Kuwait and when she did it ,she was attacked and dashed to the ground by a lot of countries. It was said that Iraq possessed Cruise Missiles and many other nuclear war heads. The team sent for research had not completed its inquiry when Saddam was made villain and was beaten and hanged by the west.Soon after Afghanistan was turned to debris. Whole the world was threatened by the ISIS whos…

Panama Papers leakage is a global issue?

EVery body on the face of earth is discussing the Panama leaks. Where is panama ?in which continent,in which country or is it a state. Who runs and controls the organization who leaked the serious documents. Were they leaked unintentionally or by chance? It is unreasonable that there is no aim and object behind these papers. There would be surely an explosion of upheaval in the world politics but for what purpose? The sole super power is showing its worth and the world is to bear its brunt.