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Indians are Attacking on their own gods

Pakistan and India are traditional rivals but it does not mean that they should not bear each other. India which is self styled preacher of Gandhi's Ahinsa(non-Violence) has surley forgotten the term even. There is extremism evry where in every filed of life. The most representative actros were not spared. Those who earned honour and fortune for India were called the Pakistani agents. Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan were classified as Pakistani agents. Both the actors are married to Hindu girls and have idols in their houses. They could be called half Muslim family. One member is Muslim and other is Hindu. The Indian could not bear their success and Hindu mentality revelaed itself in the form of prcessions and burning of their posters and pictures. The Modi governm,ent is perhaps the patron in chief of the extremism. The mess due to misgovernmnet is blamed on the Muslims and Pakistanis. Many act plays and drama are staged in the name of Pakistani involvement. The cricket which is the…

Why The Girl in the River won the Oscar?

World is too much with those who work for its ambitions. The world is here the anti Islam and anti-Pakistan forces. Through out the history of Islam and Pakistan the situation remained the same. Here in Pakistan those people are rewarded by the west who opposes the ideology of Pakistan or becomes a source of defamation of the civilization and culture of Pakistan. There are two recent examples in this regard. First is Malala. I am Malala ,her book is worth reading in this connection. She has totally negated the culture of Pakistan in the name of fame and fortune. She was injured along with many other girls,some were severely injured than hers but only she was picked and sent abroad for treatment. It is not a simple question? His father is not a rich person .he could not afford the foreign treatment. Malala is now aspirant of future Prime Minister and is being trained for this purpose. She is now billionaire and can buy a lot of politicians in Pakistan with the counselling of the west.…