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Indian Problems and Indian Media

If you happen to watch Indian media especially Indian TV, you would be completely misguided about the obnoxious situations of Indian people. This is an irony in literal terms that the reality and ostentation on media are far apart. Google Indian problems and you would see how many millions are devoid of basic human rights, how many are prey to Indian mythical ideas.  How Christians are forced to turn to Hinduism, How many Muslims are cruelly killed every year in the name of religion. How many movements of separation are struggling and how Dalits and low caste Hindus are entangled in the web of inhuman caste system? The TV shows are always diverting the attention of exploited Indian masses towards dance and merry making. A brief look at Indian TV shows will reveal the truth that it is a tool in the hands of RAW and is playing second fiddle to government policies. The aim behind all this dissimulation is to express India as the well governed and a well to do nation. [link=http://www.uni…

New World Disorder

Today we are living in a precarious situation where ever we are. When we say something like chaos, disorder or terrorism, we think of Muslims First. It has been ingrained our thoughts through media that Muslims are monsters and inhuman. They are predator and belong to the ice age or at least caveman's age. This presupposition is not without method. There were days when the people or Russia I mean Soviet Union were supposed to be the same as now Muslims are. They were not considered human practically. Many of the westerners consider them as they were giants or some ghosts which eat human flesh and blood. They were presented as Zombies and a lot of movies were shown throughout the world to strengthen the concept. Almost every American or European Movie moved around the Russian spy or trader who was in the West to spy over the Western thoughts and devastate the west if succeeded. The Soviet Union Fell and there was vacuum of enemy. Here came the idea of clash of civilizations. Firs…