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Yemen and Fall of Middle East

The geographic location of Yemen has become a cause of its anarchy. The inner situation is not purely due to the local or native inhabitants of this heaven like country. The external forces are destroying it for overt and covert reasons. It is an Arabcountry in Southwest Asia and the second largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, occupying 527,970 km2.  Saudi Arabiato the north, theRed Seato the west, theGulf of AdenandArabian Seato the south, and Omanto the east is its geographical location. Socotra is the largest of 200 islands constituting Yemen.  The conflict ridden Yemen has been further divided into several different factions throwing the country into severest kind of civil war. Muslims are divided into Shia and Sunnis and both factions are at loggerheads since long. Al-Qeda has become an old character. People all over the world are sick of this fictional character. They have started thinking about the falsity of the statements broadcasted by al-Qaeda. The boredom of the people…