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Kashmir Issue-Why still unresolved

The division of India was result of a struggle made by the Muslims and cashed by the Hindus. Whims of the Lords and Ladies of that time in India played havoc with the territory.Kashmir is one of such problems which prove the policy of imperialism ,before leaving the region create a perpetual issue so that the natives remain fighting with each other. A Game of Whims Kashmir a state which is called a heaven on earth is burning in the flames of politics. It is a state which was made the bone of contention between India and Pakistan by the then Imperialist power Britain. The issue is the core issue between India and Pakistan. It has created rifts, cold and hot wars between both the countries. Both the countries claim the state as their Jugular vein. The historical facts has been ignored along with the situation on the ground. The principal stand of Pakistan government was denied by the Occupational forces of India. The problem is as old as the UNO.
It has been perplexed by…