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World Social Sites; Leader of Misleaders

Internet is the basic need of today’s world. It is everywhere in every institution school college university and office. The daily business of every organization is being performed through internet. Although there are a lot of benefits of this modern mode of communication yet it is not devoid of disadvantages. In my point of view its harm is severer than its benefits. I mean the social media. The social media is unchecked and is the disciple of Satan. The modern young generation is addicted to it and this addiction is more harmful and destructive than the forbidden narcotics. There are a lot of social sites which are collectively damaging and spoiling the morals of the youth worldwide. All messenger services and sites which allow the user to upload photo and videos along with comments are especially responsible. They incite the young generation to watch obnoxious nudity. They just categorize the videos as pg etc. some ask the age and the teens often misguide the computer by writing…