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Food Crisis in the World


Al-Qaida Pakistan and world

Pakistan is not the only state being exploited in the name of terrorism. Every Tom Dick and Harry is blaming all the Muslim nations and states for supporting terrorism. Every commentator pokes his nose in the affairs of these states. Every ruler who says some thing about AL Qaeda automatically speaks about Pakistan and Islam. There are many countries in the world whose internal affairs are not smoothly running due to terrorism. They are always spared. If you cast a cursory glance at India the world's biggest democracy you would find every kind of negative activity there. There are human rights violations acts of terrorism and state terrorism against many political parties and leaders. Even the western countries are not devoid of it. China is always in the news is considered the abuser of the human rights on international level. The countries of South America are the hubs of narcotics and terrorism. The adopted child of America Israel is committing horrible crimes against humanit…

USA and World

America is the sole super power of the world. Its policies alter the course of the matters in almost all parts of the world. Either it is Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia America or even Antarctica. The areas or regions are most impacted that have some resources natural or nuclear. USA has especially changed the course of events in the Middle East and south Asia. Middle East and south Asia are the major regions that have been under the influence of the US policies. a cursory glance at the event s and history of the regions clearly reveal the truth about the American influence. The south Asia is a region that consists of the seven states including India Pakistan and Bangladesh. Afghanistan is sometimes included in the area also but mostly it is kept with the west Asia. Look at the sad state of affairs in the areas and you will find that it is the sole super power that is behind all the minor or major changes in the regions. Pakistan is the major ally of the USA in the area and she is …


Either it is Asia Africa Europe America or Australia the scarcity of water is influencing the politics world wide. Kashmir issue that has caused two wars and a lot of fatal skirmishes between the two neighboring nuclear states; India and Pakistan is basically an issue whose very roots lie in the waters. Most recently the tension over the waters rose between India and Pakistan that was hardly avoided by the World Bank. Arab states are rich in oil but lack this basic commodity of life. Palestinian issue contains occupation of water resources behind it. A major cause behind the Middle East situation is the water. Especially the Israeli Palestinian conflict is over sea waters and fresh water resources. A major reason behind the failure of the Oslo treaty was the water. African states are at war with one another due to resources especially the water. Darfur in Sudan is another example of the war over water. Former Soviet Union disintegrated due to getting access to the hot waters via Afg…