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Bipolar world:need of the hour

World is seeing the strange happenings with its naked eyes but only to express the feelings of wonder. Wondering only to see the naked bodies of deceased innocents
Watching passionately the brutalities of the kings of time is the main hobby of the haves. They are watching the thirsty and hungry Africans, expressing sympathy, only sympathy for them without raising a penny for their empty stomachs. Nobody is there to explain or justify these gory incidents. If a person or country dared to say something about this “largess” of the sole super power, he or she was not spared from vengeance. People are again tilting towards the bipolar world order due to many obvious reasons. Before the fall of USSR the world was safer to live and work. One nation was in one camp and other was in the opposite. Soviet Union and USA were the leaders and rest of the world was follower. No power was so free to attack the other smaller nations as today’s powers are. There was a fear of large scale war including s…