The Wrong Policies of America and Propaganda

The speech was wavering,the words were floating and the connotation was converging. Whatever the president of USA divulged in his speech before the responsible people of America was a complete disaster. It was not only ambiguous but also disturbing for many people. A few are of the opinion that it is equal to the policy of division of USA. There are many states in the Union which are not satisfied with the speech. They were expecting more from the President. 
Asregards th policy statements Trump requested all the stake holders to give himmore military budget. The speech clearly hinted at the future wars of USA. It is a pity that we the common people of the world are bearing the brunt of the people who are power hungry and want their countries to rule the world. 
The planning always end in smoke because there is a Nemesis all the times present to counter our bad actions.

Holiganism of A fghan President Ashraf Ghani

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani remains accusing neighboring Pakistan of failing to move against the Taliban۔  He will never be able to  secure Afghan people because he believes in others. He has no plan for  Afghanistan even for Kabul either before nor  after hundreds of people were killed and wounded in two deadly attacks on the capital last month. He is stooge of US and Indian leaders and forces and is in habit like every failed leader of the failed state to play blame game. As America is trying to find a face saver in the accusation  Ashraf Ghani also accuse Pakistan of aiding terrorists by giving shelter and aid to leaders of the Taliban insurgency. They are not able to control Taliban on their soil and blame Pakistan. They are all the people who are in habit of killing their benefactors when the need arises.  Pakistan has cleared safe havens of Afghan Terrorists to a large extent but still there is infiltration fro Afghanistan due to Indian ans Israeli  nexus.  Pakistan sacrific…

The False Assumptions of Western Media

The Long Shadow of A.Q. KhanCatherine Collins and Douglas Frantz have tried once again to defame the world known scholar and nuclear scientist Dr. A.Q.Khan. He is the person who is a thorn in the flesh of the west and exploiter of the poor nations of the world. The confessions of February 4, 2004, which are mentioned by the writers  and are presented as an evidence of his involvement in the proliferation of Nuclear weapons did not come of his free wiill. It was the worst dictator Pakistan ever seen (Musharraf) who made him to confess by force. In fact it was mainly for internal reasons to establish himself as a savior of a nation. Also it was to please his patrons (USA and the West) to get their pleasure for imposing Martial Law in Pakistan.Musharraf creatd the issue and arrested him for propagating the western conspiracy theories of nuclear proliferation thfrough Dr. Qadeer Khan. He was blamed to help Iran,Libya and North Korea for this purpose. the “Mohsin e-Pakistan…

The Muslim Countries should Salute Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

The Muslim needs a leader ,a leader of whole Umma and God has given them The turkish President .

Shallow Mindedness of the SuperPower!!!

United Nations Rejects US Recognition of Jerusalem in 128 to 9 Vote but saw the real nature of US policies,mind and thought. The narrative of the Donald Trump and then the statement of the representative in UN express the shallow mindedness of the so called champion of Human Rights and Democracy. The United Nations General Assembly voted 128 to 9 for the U.S. to rescind its declaration. There were 35 abstentions. Though the resolution is nonbinding, the vote drew support from major U.S. allies like Britain, France, and Germany, leaving the the leading world superpower increasingly isolated on the world stage.(copied) Take a look at the folowing statement and tell the world what does it speak? High and open mindedness or revengeful state of mind? “The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the General Assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation,” said U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley. “We will remember it when …

Brave World ,Bravo! Thanks for Defying USA

World has defied US power and veto power due to its naked partiality towards illegal Jewish state.

The revengufull words cannot frighten 128 + countries. America gives less takes more from the world.
4h4 hours agoMore . Ambassador Nikki Haley: The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the General Assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation...America will put our embassy in Jerusalem…This vote will be remembered.

Hundred Words story of American Hypocrisy

The so called western scholars claim that they are tolerant and democratic.  Does Trump’s decision reveal this aspect of western Christian world? A bold NO is the answer. Are the western and American friends of the Muslims? The answer is blob on the horrible face of Christian world. Are Americans or the Western countries are willing to solve Middle East issues? Not at all, not at all. Are the Americans friends of the Middle Eastern Sex and shining car lover Arabs? No they are only friends of their wealth. Then Why the Muslims though by name only are siding with their eternal enemies? It is a question story of hundred worlds that reveal the whole situation of the USA and the Muslims. Jewish based American thoughts to rule over the world have been clearly revealed by the Donald’s recent announcements and threats.
May Allah give the Muslims conscience to think on the right lines.Ameen!